COVID-19 Update!!!

We are Open!!


As of December 26, 2020 the province is on a 4 week lockdown. We however are not included in that lockdown. All regulated Healthcare Professionals are permitted to remain open, as long as they are capable of following Public Health Guidelines.

We are required to conform to the public health guidelines for the prevention of disease transmission and infection. What this means is that your safety is first and foremost. We have been working to put in place everything that is required of us to operate in a safe manor and protect our patients. We are ready for you to come back, if your are ready to come back. If you are not ready, we will still be offering virtual sessions to accommodate your every need. 

What do I have to do before/when I come in?

There are a number of protocols that must be followed in order for us to provide the cleanest and safest environment for you. Some of which require a little work from you before and after your appointment.

  • Prescreening: 2 hours prior to your appointment you will receive a survey to be filled out that prescreens for the symptoms of Covid-19. We request that you do the survey prior to arriving but can provide paper copies when you arrive. This must be done for every appointment.

  • Arrival: we ask that you arrive no earlier then 10 min prior to your appointment. When you arrive, please disinfect your hands as soon as you walk through the first door. Upon entering the building, your temperature will be taken by someone at the front desk. Please sign in for your appointment after your are screened. 

  • Waiting: we will make every effort to avoid having you wait in the waiting area, however if you do have to wait, please observe social distancing.

  • What do I need to bring: please bring a mask with you to be worn when the treatment doesn't allow for social distancing. We also will be wearing PPE for your protection. We also suggest you come dressed in what you plan to wear for the treatment. Please leave all personal belongings that aren't required in your vehicle or at home.

  • When you leave: we ask that you disinfect your hands and change your clothing as soon as your able to. This is all in an attempt to reduce the risk of potential disease transmission.